Skull-a-Day #1


This bracelet is by the lovely Leslie Blackford. Polymer clay skulls (some with glass glitter “gold” teeth) in a vintage brass bracelet blank. Leslie’s website says “for those seeking out the odd and unusual”, and she hits that intersection of cute & creepy perfectly. (Plus, I love the way she pronounces “shrimp.”)

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Photoblog: Lake George

A lot of the Lake George trip was spent looking at the lake, watching the Olympics, and driving around Vermont.  Very relaxing, and very photogenic….

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20 things: Lake George

My friends rented a house on Lake George for a week, and graciously invited me to join them.  The house was absolutely adorable, and I had a view of the lake from my bed, which I loved.  It was great to spend time with them, and to get to know my friend’s lovely mother better.  Here’s some of what we did:

  1. Braved dramatic weather to get there
  2. A cloud gave me the finger
  3. Went for a boat ride
  4. Took the Ticonderoga ferry
  5. Drooled over a dental cabinet
  6. Watched the Olympics
  7. Tasted at Woodchuck
  8. Bought vases in Middlebury
  9. No grit, no pearl
  10. Carved bracelets
  11. Admired the Vermont scenery
  12. That’s not chicken piccata
  13. I have a dollar
  14. Had an amazing view of the Perseids
  15. Tried picanha potato chips
  16. Did not get a maple creamie
  17. Made some flavored simple syrups
  18. For yummy cocktail goodness
  19. Did some antiquing
  20. Watched the sun set over the lake

Thank you guys so much for inviting me on your adventure….I had a wonderful time!  (And am looking forward to the next one!)  Pics to follow….

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20 Things: Columbus

This summer (yes, I’m a little delinquent), I traveled to glamorous Columbus, Ohio for work.  Since I was there for a professional meeting, there wasn’t a lot of sightseeing happening.  (Next time!)  Here’s what I did while I was there:

  1. attended Microscopy & Microanalysis
  2. gave a talk
  3. ate a perfectly cooked steak
  4. learned to play texas hold’em
  5. and gambled away $25K
  6. found the best bacon cheddar scones
  7. it’s not a vodka town
  8. so I was forced to drink bourbon
  9. took my first uber
  10. had dinner with the lovely Cynthia Tinapple
  11. ate a “porky fig”
  12. chatted up the vendors
  13. browsed the posters
  14. wandered Short North
  15. admired the art galleries
  16. and the street art-great murals
  17. shopped the Chunky Armadillo
  18. bought ras al hanout
  19. roamed North Market
  20. got fogged in.

Next stop….Lake George.

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I’m pretty sure this cloud is giving me the finger.

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Photoblog: Bordeaux

This gallery contains 13 photos.

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20 Things: Bordeaux

Last month, I had the fortune to attend the International Polymer Clay Guild’s Eurosynergy 2 conference in Bordeaux, France.  (I know….my life is hard.)  The weather was hotter than expected, but the pain au chocolat and tea for breakfast every day more than made up for it.

Here’s what I did:

  1.  finally used my new suitcase
  2. attended the IPCA conference
  3. made some new friends
  4. bought tools and templates
  5. ate violette ice cream
  6. went to the Jules Verne Museum
  7. sipped at la Cite du Vin
  8. bought a new necklace from Helene JeanClaude
  9. beef tartare!
  10. spent my voucher on Laduree
  11. drank pineau des charentes (and good sauternes)
  12. visited the island of mechanicals
  13. learned about artists’ journeys
  14. Bastille Day fireworks!!!
  15. bought paintings at the flea
  16. admired the mod stained glass at St. Michel
  17. bought all the Cernit
  18. listened to an organ concert at St. Andre
  19.  saw little reflection at the Bourse
  20. wandered the cemetery

Photos soon, particularly of les Machines de L’ile.  Next stop….glamorous Columbus, Ohio!

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Cloud Studies

Stargazing is fun, but is not particularly photogenic.  Jupiter and Mars have both been visible, and earlier this week, the full moon coincided with the summer solstice.  I’ve enjoyed watching it all move around.

But lately, even the daytime skies have been lovely to view….

None of these photos have been retouched.  (Some might have been cropped.)  The first and last ones are my favorites.  Click to enlarge, if you want to look closer….and consider this a reminder to look up.

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The Next Big Thing

Handmade Arlington was so much fun that I decided to try this again (& closer to home this time.)

The Event: Art for the Cash Poor 2016
The Sponsor: InLiquid Art+Design
The Dates: June 3 – 5 2016
The Place: Crane Arts, 1400 N. American St., Philadelphia

The Premise: At these prices, anybody can be an art collector….everything is $199 or less.

The Haps, Part 1: The Friday night Kickoff Party at 9:30pm is an opportunity for first dibs on the art, and it’s also a fundraiser for the AIDS Fund. Tix are $30 pp.

The Haps, Part 2: The Main Event, Saturday & Sunday 12-6:00pm. Two days of amazing arts of all types, live music, groovy food trucks, and even a beer garden. Sounds like a party!

The 411: For more details, check InLiquid’s Happenings page.

Bonus: Emily Squires Levine will be there on Sunday, so it’s a polymer clay two-fer.

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Don’t Vomit, And Don’t Fall Down

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Don’t Vomit, And Don’t Fall Down
April 4, 2016

Years ago, my mentor at work gave me some advice for public speaking: if you don’t swear, don’t vomit, and don’t fall down, you’ll do great. By that measure, ArtSci Designs first foray into the craft market went very well.

But really, it DID go very well, especially for our first show – Handmade Arlington, on April 2, 2016. This website went live the day before. The booth design worked out well, and I had just enough inventory to fill it (but barely). It was busy, but not so busy that I felt completely overwhelmed. People were very patient with me as I learned to use Square for credit card payments. My parents drove down to show their support, because they are awesome like that. And I got a ton of very positive feedback on the work (and the booth design, too), which was awesome. As an added bonus, I ended the day in the black. All of my hard work paid off.

But it’s not just my hard work. I am extremely grateful for the incredibly supportive people in my life who are helping to make this happen. They’ve taken on the roles of business manager, chief photographer, marketing director, booth designer, website builder, sales associate, customer, model, mentor, and so on… guys rock! Thanks for coming on this adventure with me.

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