Curate: The Closet

The other week, the BFF came over and we went to work on the closet. Like many people, my closet is a little too stuffed. But my biggest issue was shoe storage. The cubbies that I had really weren’t working, both because many my shoes (like boots) didn’t fit in the cubbies and because I have more shoes than i had spaces for them.

After looking around for shoe storage solutions, and talking to a few people about it, I decided to go with plain bookcases from Ikea. There are some very distinct advantages to these, the biggest being that you can add as many shelves as you need, and adjust them to whatever height you want. (And Ikea is only a mile from my house.)

So we set up the bookcases, with extra shelves. We went through a bunch of clothes. In the end, I got rid of 2 large contractor bags of clothing and a bag of shoes. The BFF took the clothing. Her friend has just reentered the workforce after a long absence, and doesn’t yet have the funds to furbish a whole new work wardrobe….and she happens to be the same size as me. So to me, that’s a win-win. I get excess stuff out of my house, she gets some new threads. It’s nice stuff that I just don’t wear, so I’m happy that it’s all going to a good home. When she looked through the stuff, she asked the BFF how much she owes me for it….she doesn’t realize she did me a favor by getting it all out of my house.

I still have some more clothing to go through, and a few things to take to the tailor. And I’m still figuring out the right order for the shoes. (Actually, it’s the boots that are more of an issue. Because I must have ALL of the boots.) But it’ll be done soon, and I’ll post pics when it is.

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