Curate: the Pantry







It may not look that different, before and after.  But it is.  Everything in there is edible.  I found stuff with expiration dates of 2007!  (I know those are only guidelines, but 10 years past the date seems excessive.)  There was even room to put in the stuff that was out on the counter.  (I left the olive and coconut oils and balsamic vinegar out, because I use them all the time.)  Now I know exactly what I have, and can start to think about what to make….it’s still soup season, right?

It’s a small step, the pantry.  But it is curation in the right direction.  Moving on to the next….

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2 Responses to Curate: the Pantry

  1. sipsy@1220 says:

    Nice! I just did mine. Feels great and quite inspirational!

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