20 things: Lake George

My friends rented a house on Lake George for a week, and graciously invited me to join them.  The house was absolutely adorable, and I had a view of the lake from my bed, which I loved.  It was great to spend time with them, and to get to know my friend’s lovely mother better.  Here’s some of what we did:

  1. Braved dramatic weather to get there
  2. A cloud gave me the finger
  3. Went for a boat ride
  4. Took the Ticonderoga ferry
  5. Drooled over a dental cabinet
  6. Watched the Olympics
  7. Tasted at Woodchuck
  8. Bought vases in Middlebury
  9. No grit, no pearl
  10. Carved bracelets
  11. Admired the Vermont scenery
  12. That’s not chicken piccata
  13. I have a dollar
  14. Had an amazing view of the Perseids
  15. Tried picanha potato chips
  16. Did not get a maple creamie
  17. Made some flavored simple syrups
  18. For yummy cocktail goodness
  19. Did some antiquing
  20. Watched the sun set over the lake

Thank you guys so much for inviting me on your adventure….I had a wonderful time!  (And am looking forward to the next one!)  Pics to follow….

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