20 Things: Columbus

This summer (yes, I’m a little delinquent), I traveled to glamorous Columbus, Ohio for work.  Since I was there for a professional meeting, there wasn’t a lot of sightseeing happening.  (Next time!)  Here’s what I did while I was there:

  1. attended Microscopy & Microanalysis
  2. gave a talk
  3. ate a perfectly cooked steak
  4. learned to play texas hold’em
  5. and gambled away $25K
  6. found the best bacon cheddar scones
  7. it’s not a vodka town
  8. so I was forced to drink bourbon
  9. took my first uber
  10. had dinner with the lovely Cynthia Tinapple
  11. ate a “porky fig”
  12. chatted up the vendors
  13. browsed the posters
  14. wandered Short North
  15. admired the art galleries
  16. and the street art-great murals
  17. shopped the Chunky Armadillo
  18. bought ras al hanout
  19. roamed North Market
  20. got fogged in.

Next stop….Lake George.

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