20 Things: Bordeaux

Last month, I had the fortune to attend the International Polymer Clay Guild’s Eurosynergy 2 conference in Bordeaux, France.  (I know….my life is hard.)  The weather was hotter than expected, but the pain au chocolat and tea for breakfast every day more than made up for it.

Here’s what I did:

  1.  finally used my new suitcase
  2. attended the IPCA conference
  3. made some new friends
  4. bought tools and templates
  5. ate violette ice cream
  6. went to the Jules Verne Museum
  7. sipped at la Cite du Vin
  8. bought a new necklace from Helene JeanClaude
  9. beef tartare!
  10. spent my voucher on Laduree
  11. drank pineau des charentes (and good sauternes)
  12. visited the island of mechanicals
  13. learned about artists’ journeys
  14. Bastille Day fireworks!!!
  15. bought paintings at the flea
  16. admired the mod stained glass at St. Michel
  17. bought all the Cernit
  18. listened to an organ concert at St. Andre
  19.  saw little reflection at the Bourse
  20. wandered the cemetery

Photos soon, particularly of les Machines de L’ile.  Next stop….glamorous Columbus, Ohio!

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