Don’t Vomit, And Don’t Fall Down

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Don’t Vomit, And Don’t Fall Down
April 4, 2016

Years ago, my mentor at work gave me some advice for public speaking: if you don’t swear, don’t vomit, and don’t fall down, you’ll do great. By that measure, ArtSci Designs first foray into the craft market went very well.

But really, it DID go very well, especially for our first show – Handmade Arlington, on April 2, 2016. This website went live the day before. The booth design worked out well, and I had just enough inventory to fill it (but barely). It was busy, but not so busy that I felt completely overwhelmed. People were very patient with me as I learned to use Square for credit card payments. My parents drove down to show their support, because they are awesome like that. And I got a ton of very positive feedback on the work (and the booth design, too), which was awesome. As an added bonus, I ended the day in the black. All of my hard work paid off.

But it’s not just my hard work. I am extremely grateful for the incredibly supportive people in my life who are helping to make this happen. They’ve taken on the roles of business manager, chief photographer, marketing director, booth designer, website builder, sales associate, customer, model, mentor, and so on… guys rock! Thanks for coming on this adventure with me.

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