20 Things: Prague

Planes, trains, and automobiles (plus buses, trams, subways, and on foot)….
Prague, Vienna, Bratislava….

1. Discovered Becherovka Lemond
2. Admired the Blue Church (St. Elisabeth’s)
3. Almost tripped over a statue
4. Caught the street art festival
5. Lit a candle at St. Stephan’s
6. Ate wiener schnitzel as big as my head
7. Had a piece of Sacher torte
8. Finally saw Klimt’s “the Kiss”
9. Made a selection at the Wurtzel Boutique
10. Looked for art nouveau buildings
11. Went to some Christmas markets
12. Trdlnick is only good in Budapest
13. Beef tartare=Thanksgiving
14. Became an alchemist
15. Saw IAMX at the Roxy
16. Hiked up the hill to the monastery
17. Sang along at the Lennon Wall
18. Found pistachio liqueur
19. Had a crazy monk
20. Joined the Secessionists

Photos soon….

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One Response to 20 Things: Prague

  1. SuzieQ says:

    Cool! Can’t wait for pictures!

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