Cruel Summer (Into Fall)

This has been a bit of a rough summer. My uncle, one of the nicest men that I’ve ever met, passed away in June, followed by close friend’s father. Their funerals were the same week. In August, one of our Framily members passed away after a short but aggressive illness. This was a loss that resonated deeply within our friend group, and we are still feeling the impact of it.

At that point, I said “enough.” No more funerals this year.

Last Friday, the BFF’s boyfriend’s dad suffered an aortic aneurysm. The prognosis is very poor, and another funeral seems likely.

As hard as it is for me (admittedly, some are harder than others), I cannot imagine how difficult it must be for the people that loved them best….their spouses, their parents, their children. My heart breaks for them.

Did I need a reminder to be grateful for the wonderful people I have in my life? I try hard to practice gratitude, and my peeps are always (alwaysalways) at the top of the list. But sometimes I might forget how quickly things can change…and that I should never pass up the opportunity to express that gratitude, because the opportunity could be gone in a heartbeat.

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2 Responses to Cruel Summer (Into Fall)

  1. ornamento says:

    Sorry to hear about all of this. Thankful for your friendship.

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