Once Upon A Time In Mexico

So, like I said in the previous post, I got to go to Mexico with my friend Martha and take a class with Richard and Jane Salley. Not only was a good time had by all, but some really amazing jewelry was made. (It was one seriously talented group.) Here’s what I made….

First, some bracelets:


That bottom bracelet comes apart to make a pendant (that’s the “presto-change-o” previously mentioned). Extra dangles and bails were made:


And here’s what it looks like all together (well, one configuration of it anyway):


Part of what made the class so great is how generous everyone was. Components of each of those dangles were courtesy of others. Martha had the piece of red glass; Nancy had the stamped copper oval. I am so grateful that they chose to share….my pieces are definitely better because of what they graciously contributed.

And, in the spirit of this year’s word, and am pleased that I completed all of these pieces. Coming home with three finished bracelets and a pendant makes me feel like I really accomplished something.

Next time, photos of the Hacienda.

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2 Responses to Once Upon A Time In Mexico

  1. Susie-Q says:

    Whoa! Can you bring these to Clayathon?

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