20 Things: Puerto Vallarta

Recently, I had the opportunity to take a class with Richard and Jane Salley at the lovely Hacienda Mosaico in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Here’s what we did while I was there:

1. Made 3 bracelets
2. Learned a prest-o change-o
3. Spoke Jodiesian
4. Played with the puppies
5. Admired the mosaics of the hacienda
6. Ate a burrito as big as my head
7. Did the South Side Shuffle
8. Bought Milagros
9. Got stingray shoes
10. Breakfast, poolside (lunch, too)
11. Tried tequila ice cream (yuck!)
12. Worked on some dangly bits
13. Burned shit up
14. Watched the sun set over the ocean
15. Skulls, skulls, and more skulls
16. Brought metal back from the dead
17. Visited the taco stand
18. Took the bus
19. Decided to learn shibori
20. Made a bunch of great new friends

Photos coming soon…..

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One Response to 20 Things: Puerto Vallarta

  1. sarahsorlien says:

    Sounds fun. Most beautiful sunsets in the world are in Puerto Vallarta. Nice to hear your travel stories again!

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