Twenty Things: Asheville

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to venture to Asheville, NC with a friend. I had already taken the days off from work because I had a lot of vacation time left, so we hopped in the car & headed south. Here’s some of what we did:

1. Followed the coffee truck
2. Got wowed by the sunset
3. Enjoyed breakfast cocktails
4. Went to a wedding
5. Wandered the arboretum
6. Had yummy Mexican food
7. Emmy Lou hit 100K
8. Shopped for engagement rings
9. Ate our grits (with goat cheese)
10. Bought frocks at Frock
11. Shopped the artists’ mall
12. Liquid truffles….nuff said.
13. Closed a Belk
14. Fearless is the new pretty
15. Saw unusual poinsettia varietals
16. Drank supermarket wine
17. Got over-dumplinged
18. Jammed with the wedding band
19. Admired that Blue Ridge scenery
20. Discussed life, the universe, & everything

We had a good time. Ate well, drank well, shopped well. I can’t speak for my partner-in-crime, but I’m looking forward to our next road trip! (Pics from this one to follow.)

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