Happy New Year!

It’s that time of year….time to close the chapter that was 2014 and look forward to the vision that is 2015.  For years, I’ve done Christine Kane’s Word-of-the-Year thing.  With this, rather than make a new year’s resolution, you find a word to use as your touchstone/focus for the year.   (Read about previous years here.)

For 2014, I chose “balance” as my word.  As with most years, I had varying degrees of success.  I tried to start new habits, some of which stuck (still flossing, still blingin’ it up every day) and some of which didn’t (like getting enough sleep).  I’m 9 lbs, lighter than I was a year ago, which I managed just by trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, and not due to any specific diet or exercise program.  I changed my process at work a little bit, to include more writing time, and that worked out well for me.  I got to carve out some time for people that mean a lot to me.

So, on balance (see what I did there?), I didn’t do too badly.

I was talking to my friend last night about what word to choose this year.  She’s choosing “nourish”, which I think is an excellent word, but not the one for me.  My process for choosing a word is always to think about what words might be appropriate, and then usually some completely random word pops into mind, but really resonates.  That’s the word I go with.

For me, right now, that word is “completion.”

There are a number of half-finished (half-assed?) things that are just hanging over my head.  Those unfinished projects feel like a huge weight that I carry around with me, all the time, every day and every way.  When the BFF and I reorganized the closet a couple of years ago, just getting rid of all of the excess clothing that I didn’t wear somehow made me feel lighter.  I’m hoping that moving some of the half-done stuff to the “DONE” column will have the same effect.

Some of those things are really concrete and quantifiable. (For example, there’s a report at work that’s half done that’s been on my to-do list since 2013. Time to finish pulling that together and cross it off the list!) Others are likely to be a work in process, and not so easy to call “done.” (My wardrobe is ever-evolving, with new stuff coming in and old stuff being culled all the time.)

But there are some things that I want to put on my to-do list for this year:
-see my parents more often. Since my job moved, it’s far enough that it’s harder for me to go there in the evenings, which is a terrible excuse.
-use my sauna more. I’ve dedicated a fair amount of space to it, and it’s feels so refreshing to do.
-schedule creative time. Since I’ve dropped my membership in a group, I should have that day of the month free for other creative endeavors.
-blog more. I’m now the author of three: this one, the drinking blog, and (what I hesitate to call) a weight loss one. Keeping up with them is a way to hold myself accountable.

What are your plans for the coming year? Where do you want to be that’s different than where you are right now?

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