Skull-a-Day #4

Box Top

Box Top

Box Interior

Box Interior

A few years ago, my friend convinced me to join her in Las Vegas for Clay Carnival. I didn’t really want to go-I’d been to Vegas before and loathed it, and the idea of days of short, project-oriented classes didn’t really appeal to me, but I decided to go anyway. And boy, am I glad I did! I was totally wrong on both counts. We had a blast in Vegas, and the courses and the instructors were tons of fun.

This little jack-in-the-box is what we made in Leslie Blackford’s class. I’d long admired Leslie’s work from afar (she hits that intersection of creepy and cute perfectly), but had never met her before this. She laid out the project, showed folks how to sculpt an animal head of some type (I think it was a cat), and we were off and running….except for me. I knew exactly what I wanted to do as soon as the project was described to us, but I had no idea how to sculpt a skull. Leslie came over and gave me individualized instruction on how to make what I wanted to make, and I was able to achieve exactly what I had envisioned. This box is still on display in my living room year round.

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