Gang Related

Recently, I got to meet up with my gang at the lovely Meadow Gardens B & B in Annapolis, MD. What? You didn’t know I was in a gang? Of course I am. (I am also part of a posse, a crew, a framily, a tribe, and a clique.) But back to the gang….Here we are:

We even have gang names.  From left to right:  Red, Jules, Muffy, & Pants.

We even have gang names. From left to right: Red, Jules, Muffy, & Pants.

What cracks me up every time we are together is how much our personal styles reflect our personalities, and yet somehow make a cohesive whole. When we got together on Friday, Pants was funky in an artsy orange tunic, Muffy looked classic in a cardigan and beads, Jules was glam in lace shorts, and I was punky in black mesh and studs. Because that’s how we roll.

Meadow Gardens looks adorable on the website, and the pictures do not lie.

One of the bedrooms.

One of the bedrooms.

And the food that our hostess, Wendy, prepared for us was delish.



The gardens were lovely….flowers



LOVE these black hollyhocks....

LOVE these black hollyhocks….

and beautiful blues!

and beautiful blues!

but some of the views were, um, interesting….

That's supposed to be a statue of a pelican.

That’s supposed to be a statue of a pelican.

But the reason we chose Meadow Gardens was because of the access to on-site studio space. Technically, it’s billed as a quilting/scrapbooking retreat, but we used it a little differently. Here’s Jules & Pants, yanking somebody’s chain:yankingchain

And I got to play with clay:



It was a lovely and restorative weekend. It had been too long (almost 2 years) since the gang was together, and we’re making plans to ensure that doesn’t happen again. And we tried to be extra nice to Wendy, so that we can go back again next year.

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5 Responses to Gang Related

  1. Sue says:

    Beautiful setting. Love the clay. And who’s the white chic, Muffy?

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Highly recommend the place. Thanks….been trying some new methods in mokume gane lately. And Muffy announced very publicly at Clayathon one year that she was not black. I, on the other hand…..

  3. ornamento says:

    Muffs looks stunning!

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