There are 52 weeks in a year. But two of my best friends have birthdays just 1 week apart. What are the odds?

For one of them, this was a big birthday. Her husband approached me a while back and said he wanted to do something nice to celebrate. I offered to host, and prayed for good weather. (They have a 10 year old son. And, to my mind, 10 year old boys require an outside party….I don’t really have much for them to do inside.) We decided to go with a Mexican-tinged menu because she’s partial to margaritas.

As we went out to set up, the sky was split perfectly down the middle between dark stormy clouds and clear blue sky. We took a gamble, and won….within an hour, there was nothing but blue. I followed parts of a menu that I found online here. I was a little concerned….I hate to serve a menu that I haven’t road-tested. But I can only say “Thank you, Monica! Everything was delicious!” Super easy, too. (It was a crockpot-palooza.) My friend’s husband found a blackberry sage margarita recipe that sounded good. I’m not really much of a tequila drinker, but I tried it, and it was very tasty. Many thanks to all of the people that helped to set up, clean up, and just plain celebrate.

We’ll celebrate my other friend’s birthday this weekend, with a girls’ dinner out.

(Because birthdays are special….I love to celebrate when the people I love came into the world.)

Happy Birthday to you both!

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