Habit Check for March/April

So the habits that I’ve tried to start this year, so far, are flossing (check), going to bed before midnight (semi-check), and for March, wearing jewelry. I’m going to give the jewelry habit a check. I didn’t hit it every single day, but did wear jewelry about 90% of the time.

Along the way, I also managed to pick up other habits. I started working out 4 weeks ago with a group of friends. We’re doing P90X3, which is one of those that’s advertised on infomercials. The people on TV make it look easy….it’s not. But I’ve done it 3-4 times/week for the past month. My goal here is not weight loss, but muscle building and strength, and I feel like it’s going pretty well. I took baseline measurements before we started, and I’ve lost 9.5 inches. Another habit, this time one that I’ve managed to kick, is that I’ve given up drinking diet soda. I’m still trying to figure out the right replacement….so far, it seems to be a combination of water and iced tea.

My habit goal for April is maintenance. I’ve made some good progress in the first quarter of the year, and this month, I’m just going to try to sustain those changes.

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2 Responses to Habit Check for March/April

  1. Sue says:

    I’m so proud of you! Keep the up the good work. And FYI… I’m in the process of hating Jillian Michaels.

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      Thanks, Suzie-Q. One of the women I work out with says that she’s gonna kick Tony Horton’s ass when she gets strong enough. I think I’m gonna help her. 🙂

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