Clayathon 2014: What I Made

Clayathon is our annual winter shore retreat. For the last two years, we’ve held it at the lovely Seaview Hotel in Galloway, NJ. I try to make something of a plan before I go. Otherwise, I pack everything I own and get bogged down in all of the possibilities. This year, I had plans for four things:

1) Black and white spiky thing. Not achieved.

2) Bowl inspired by David Patchen glass.clayathon_bowl

3) An idea I’ve had kicking around for a while….a “spirograph” translucent cane.

4) Prototype a new bracelet shape. Achieved but not photographed.

But, as a bonus…..Emily Squires Levine gave me a colorful sheet made from her leftover can ends, which turned into nice mokume gane pieces.





So a reasonably successful weekend….3 out of 4 goals achieved, a good time, and cocktails by the fire….all good.

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2 Responses to Clayathon 2014: What I Made

  1. The Designing Woodworker Guy aka the favorite sibling says:

    Very cool….just put a feed of your blog on my tablet AND fllowed it. So now I don’t have an excuse when I dont know what you’re talking about and you say “well, if you *read* my blog….”. Other than the brain sugery that is, which naturally my get out jail card for life. 😉

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      Good job on FINALLY following the blog! And you only think that brain surgery is your get out of jail card, but we (and that is the royal “we”) will still feel free to keep you incarcerated. LOL.

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