Back in the Saddle (Habit Check)

So back in January, I posted about starting some new habits. The habits then were flossing and going to bed before midnight. I’ve had 50% success….I am still flossing every day (I really had no idea that would be such an easy one), but I lost track of bedtime while I was at Clayathon and have had a difficult time realigning. But I started this week working on that again. A little more sleep seemed to be a really good thing for me, and I don’t want to let a non-routine circumstance (aka Clayathon) throw that completely for a loop.

In February, I did not have much success with any new habits. I couldn’t even really think of any to try. But in March, I am back in the saddle (so to speak). The March habit is to wear jewelry every day. I have a lot (and by “a lot”, I mean “a LOT”) of really fabulous jewelry…some of it purchased, some gifts, some mass produced, and a lot of handmade gorgeousness. But, somehow, in the morning rush, I often forget to take a moment to put any jewelry on. So for March (and to fight off the numbingly cold winter doldrums), I’m looking to be a little blingier (that is SO a word) every day.

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