Birthday Recap

This is my favorite card this year.  It is not actually a picture of me.

This is my favorite card this year. That is not actually a picture of me.

Well, the birthday festivities are (mostly) done. The annual tradition with my parents is a dinner out somewhere. This year, I chose Sbraga. I’d been there once before (read about that here), and it was a place that I really wanted to try again. This time, I had the foie gras soup (which is now Thai-inspired, and very different than before), the polenta (which was a-maz-ing!), the lamb sugo rigatoni, and the cheese plate. Yum! I also got a signed card from the chef, a copy of the menu signed by the whole staff, and a little bag of the house-made fresh rigatoni to take home. Sweet!

We also had soup night, which is not technically part of the birthday, but….cupcakes.

Then we had the big pizza lunch…a way for a larger group to get together. We chose From the Boot in Ambler. The food was delish. I have always gotten pizza there, but a number of people got sandwiches that looked fantastic, so I might consider that next time. People brought a wide variety of gifts….from liquor and tea to bling to gift cards to a baby belt sander. (Do my peeps know me or what? 🙂 ) The reason that it’s only mostly done is that there’s a trip to Movie Tavern in my future.

I want to thank everybody that was able to share in the celebrations or who sent birthday wishes….I am definitely feelin’ the love, and right back atcha.

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