New Year, New You?

No matter what I might seem like tonight, it’s still the same old me from yesterday you wind up with tomorrow.-Meg Ryan, in “French Kiss”

Years ago, I gave up making New Year’s resolutions. The optimism of January 1 (hope springs eternal!) would fade away to frustration and defeatism by…oh, I don’t know, January 3 or so. Because, at a fundamental level, I think we are who we are. It’s not that it’s impossible to change a habit (or a hairstyle), but that I’m still likely to be the same old me this year that I was last year.

Instead, I started doing the Christine Kane’s “Word-of-the-Year”, where a single word is selected to use as a touchstone for the year. (To see a round-up of previous words, click here.)

Last year’s word was “fit”, and was successful to varying degrees. While I am still not as physically fit as I might wish to be, I did run/walk a 5K last year. (And just so you know, the Washington Post has decreed color runs out for 2014….good thing we got that out of the way in 2013!) The closet renovation is complete, and all of my shoes and clothes are neatly arranged and easy to find. I’m still trying to get the new kitchen organized to my liking, but it’s getting closer. And we managed to squeeze an auxiliary bar into a downstairs closet.

What I didn’t manage to do was to finish the studio, and to make time to use it. I also didn’t see people that I care about as much as I would have liked to. It was a year of big changes at work, and that took up a lot of my time and attention. That’s not an excuse, but it was an experience that did help guide me toward this year’s word: balance.

And, much like fit, balance can lead in many directions. A balanced diet, balancing work and play, and actual balance. (I’m clumsier than is healthy sometimes. No, really.) My first act in this regard was to go to bed early enough to get nearly eight hours of sleep last night, which seemed like as good a place as any to start.

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