My Car

I drive a little 2005 Scion xA. We call my car “the bubble car” (well, because just look at it), “the circus car” (because it holds much more than you think such a little car could, like the clown car at the circus), or “son of Toyota” (look up the meaning of the word “scion” if that doesn’t make sense to you).It looks like this:

Image from the Car Connection website

Image from the Car Connection website

And today, this happened:


That right….my car passed 100,000 miles today. Which is awesome, although I miss this thrill of watching the numbers rrrrrooooollllllllll over. (I’m not sure why that was a thrill, but it was.)

I learned a few things when I bought this car. The #1 thing that I learned is that the dealer will do anything you want, as long as you are willing to pay for it. This is how I have the only Scion xA around with a sunroof. (And other Scion owners do stop me in parking lots to ask how I got a sunroof, since it was not an available option for this car.) Another thing I learned is to not get too excited when you see that the manual has section on towing…..because it may well say something to the effect of “Never ever EVER try to tow anything at all with this car!”

But it’s a great car, and 8 years later, I still feel like I made a good choice. (Read as: I love my little bubble car.) I plan on keeping it for a while yet….so I just put a new stereo in it (so I can jack my phone in). 100K miles means that I’ve got another 8 years of trips (to Jamestown, and Asheville, and wherever else the road may take me) left on this car, right?

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