I know I’m a week early in piling on the thanks. But some people I know are going through some tough stuff (some tough, and some truly awful), and it reminds me that we should always count our blessings….things could turn on a dime in a different direction. (Note that I said “different”, not “worse”. Everything you’ve been though, good and not-so-good alike, has led to where you are now.)

So, in no particular order:

-My peeps. You know who you are, and you continue to be awesome. Each and every one of you enriches my life. (I might have lied about that “no particular order” thing.)
-My home (aka The Sparkle Lounge). Always a work in progress, but definitely a unique space.
-Heat. Because, you know, it’s starting to get cold outside. And when the heater broke last week, it was cold inside, too.
-Honesty. Because the heating dude was honest about the problem (minor), and charged me appropriately to fix it.
-Mustache wrapping paper. Christmas has never been so festive.
-Salted karamel vodka. Somebody over at Stoli is a freakin’ genius.

So, as we move into the holiday season, I hope we can all remember to see past the hubbub and focus on what’s really important to us….the ability to be with those we care about (even if only in spirit), to break bread together, and to stay warm in homes with functional heaters.

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2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. Sue says:

    Love you Woman!

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Right back atcha, Suzie-Q!

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