20 Things: Jamestown, RI

Once again, I had the pleasure of spending a long weekend in Jamestown, RI with friends. I am so grateful that they allow me to crash their vacation every year….I love joining them there. Here’s some of what we did:

1. Saw the LADEE launch
2. Drank the cilantro martinis
3. Luxuriously lunched with the French
4. Got a Slice of Heaven
5. Noted the effects of Sandy
6. Tried real chili
7. Made roasted tomato salsa
8. Used up the leftovers
9. In food and in beads
10. Had hot dogs at the lobster bake
11. Saw a live yellow snail
12. Watched “Minority Report”
13. Saw fireworks over the bay
14. Watched the egrets in the marsh
15. Received a little fascination
16. Made a pearl
17. Closed down the Purple Door
18. Napped….a lot
19. Changed color palettes
20. As always, delighted in the company of friends

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