20 Things: Towanda

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting a friend in Towanda (that’s Toe-WAHN-duh). It was a lot of fun….here’s some of what we did:

1. were “Women” and also “in the Wilds”
2. drank kickin’ cilantro-jalapeno martinis
3. ate at the fanciest restaurant in town
4. chatted up Brandon
5. walked along the Susquehanna
6. made (not cut) the cheese
7. painted gourd birdhouses
8. went to the Blueberry Festival
9. and only bought 5 books
10. donated to the Friends of Mt. Pisgah
11. put together a hammock
12. shopped for dry goods
13. drank “pirate juice”
14. shared iphone photos
15. learned about goats’ milk soap (we won’t be making that)
16. shot a pink crossbow
17. admired huge meat
18. made fruit bread pudding (not breadfruit pudding)
19. created the Sparklin’ Blue Twistini
20. cruised down Easy Street

Hopefully, I’ll be invited back.
Photos to come….

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