All Sorts of Stuff

All sorts of stuff has been going on. Some of it will be blogged in more detail, but here’s a short run-down:

-The July 3rd BBQ at the Sparkle Lounge was, as always, wonderful, thanks to all the yummy goodness that people brought. (I take no credit for it….I just provide the burgers & dogs.)
-I have finally joined the modern age, and upgraded to an iPhone 5.
-Arrow & I did Dishcrawl again, around Rittenhouse Square this time, and found some new restaurants worth repeating.
-Speaking of places worth repeating, I’ve been to Isabella’s for happy hour….twice.
-The summer blogging project for the guild has been revived at
-We got the BFF settled into her new digs.
-I think I’ve finally kicked the cough that’s been plaguing me since June.
-The kind and gentle Box has been replaced by Evil Ardra.
-I am now officially an award-winning scientist….a paper that I coauthored won “Most Innovative” at a conference.

More news on some of this soon, either here or at the P & P Drinking Company (depending on the topic.)

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