20 Things: Empire State of Mind

Last weekend, my girls and I went to NYC, looking for a little adventure. We had only two rules. Rule #1 was the big one:
1) There is to be no talk about the sucky parts of life. Broke? I don’t care. Love troubles? I don’t care. Job stress? I don’t care. This weekend was all about fabulosity. Which led to Rule #2….
2) Do what you feel you must to look and feel fabulous.

We stayed at a funky, uber-cool hotel just off Times Square called the Muse. I can’t say enough good things about this hotel. Great space, cool vibe, exemplary customer service. A little spendy (like anything in the Times Square area), but you totally get what you pay for. We were only in NYC for about 28 hours, but we were busy….

1. Drank watermelon sangria
2. Got kissed by King Kong
3. Turned the bathroom into a library
4. Got Nook-y with Ramón
5. Admired the Chrysler Building from on high
6. Listened to a swing band
7. Bought street purses
8. How do you spell “le Pain Quotidien?”
9. Had mimosas on the morning train
10. Got a pedicure a l’orange (or bleu or rouge or mauve)
11. Jacked the hotel for truffles & 2 bottles of wine
12. Got Punk’d at the Met
13. Finally bought something at M&J
14. Were photographed by one of NY’s finest
15. Ate cheesy poofy things
16. Got caught up in the Puerto Rican Day parade
17. Stole some sunglasses (accidentally)
18. Talked about life, the universe, & everything
19. Which bathroom are you?
20. Painted the town rosé

Pics to follow….

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