Unbelievable, but true. My last post was that my computer had croaked. One of my friends left a comment suggesting that I check out YouTube for a repair. I found this silly video of a man telling me to wrap my computer in a comforter and all would be well. According to the video, the dreaded 7 beeps are caused by cracked solder on the motherboard, and that wrapping it in the comforter would heat up the works enough to reflow the solder. I was somewhat incredulous, but realized that I had absolutely nothing to lose….I have a comforter, so what the heck, right? And, against all reason, it actually worked!
In the meantime, I did purchase a new computer. Now that this one is working, I’ll have time to get everything (mainly my music) backed up & transferred over. Whew!

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2 Responses to Comforting

  1. ornamento says:

    I’m glad it worked and I am so never getting a Dell laptop!

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      The fix was short-lived….really just long enough to type the blog post. I’m going to try it again to see if I can get it to work long enough to get my stuff off. If not, I ‘ll have to take it somewhere & see if they can do it. And my new laptop is not a Dell….so maybe I do learn from my mistakes!

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