Trouble in Paradise

I’m not sure it exactly qualifies as “trouble”, nor does it exactly qualify as “paradise.” My personal laptop (which was ok, but I would never have described as “paradise”) has succumbed to Dell’s dread 7-beep syndrome, and I am uncertain of how to proceed. Do I try to get it repaired? Or do I just purchase a new one? This seems to be a not-uncommon issue with this laptop model, and, based on the experiences of others, I fear that any repair will be short-lived. If I read it correctly, the hard drive should be fine (and therefore recoverable)….it’s either the CPU or the motherboard that’s having an issue.

Either way, the lack of a computer makes blogging a challenge. I do have stuff to post about: a visit to the Jenkins Arboretum, my family rosebush in bloom, my new (mostly) finished closet, burger month at Iron Hill….but first, I must resolve my computing troubles. Suggestions on how to do this are welcome.

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3 Responses to Trouble in Paradise

  1. Sue says:

    Buy a new one.

    • Martha says:

      There are some seven beep fix videos on YouTube that are supposed to work The only problem is you have to listen to guys nattering on and on like crack heads. If you can stand that, you might be able to fix it but the first thing I’d do after that is shop for a new one.

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    I think I’m going to take both of your advice. Martha: Thanks for pointing me toward YouTube. That wouldn’t have occurred to em. I found a video that describes using a comforter to get it to work again. And then Sue: I’ll take your advice and go buy a new one….fast! Thank you both for your input.

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