20 Things–Los Angeles

Recently, I went out to Cali for the grand opening of the Keystone Fine Arts Studios, where my brother and his business partner have moved their woodworking business. (Once they get their website up & running, I’ll be sure to include it here.) We didn’t see much of each other….he was working a lot to get ready for the big opening.

You know that song that goes “it never rains in California”? Yeah. In my experience, it ALWAYS rains in Southern California. (And in a fit of sheer weather perversity, it’s always sunny when I go to Seattle. Go fig.)

Here’s some of what we did (besides get rained on):

1. Had a red carpet moment
2. Ate a “kitchen nightmare”
3. Bought sterling mendhi earrings
4. Shopped the Grove
5. Got Tinga-ly on Cinco de Mayo
6. Bought lavender bitters
7. Figured out how to get them past the TSA
8. Visited the Norton Simon Museum
9. Tried Polska food at Polka
10. Mailed some suits
11. Thought about wood/polymer clay jewelry
12. Admired the cherry/lemon/orange/plum/peach/nectarine trees
13. Learned about the gas tank arrow
14. Ate bananas foster waffles
15. Confirmed that we did, in fact, see the aurora
16. Exercised (no, really)
17. Was told I was “very beautiful” by a bald hipster boy
18. Got my brother-in-law’s “low fat” quiche recipe
19. Rocked that orange lace dress
20. Finally saw the Eagle Rock of Eagle Rock

Until next time….

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2 Responses to 20 Things–Los Angeles

  1. SuzieQ says:

    Love that hipster boy! And how did we get past TSA? Inquiring minds want to know. They took my salsa. I think they had chips stashed somewhere and wanted an accompaniment.

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      I had to buy small bottles to divide it up. If asked, I had planned to say it was face cleanser….that’s why it smelled flowery.

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