Aurora Cloudealis

We tried. We really did. All of the reports that I read said that the aurora borealis would be visible in this region around 8 pm on Saturday. We found the darkest place we could (the football field at a local private school). And then we waited. We started teaching my friend’s son to look for constellations and planets….kids apparently don’t spend a lot of time outside at night, looking at the sky, like we did. That’s sad. But, to be fair, my skills are woefully out of practice. The only constellation I can readily ID (without having to think about it) is Orion. We waited for about an hour, and then went home. The next time I looked out, it was cloudy, so none for us.

I’ve only seen the aurora borealis once. We went to Alaska a few Februaries ago, specifically for that purpose. Dad & I drove out to the edge of the city (Fairbanks) and found a dark area with a good view of the sky. After a little while, we saw a flash of green that we determined was the Northern Light. Yes, I know that most people call them the “Northern Lights”, but this was far too brief to use the plural.

Next on the celestial watch: the Lyrid meteor shower is next week. I’m hoping for fireballs.

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