Fit Implemenation: Check

This fit check is a good news/bad news kind of thing. My friend gave me a hand-me-down Fitbit, which I’ve been using to track my steps. The bad news first: I’m only walking about 4,000 steps a day, which is about 40% of what I should be doing. The good news: I go up and down the stairs 10-15 times a day. I’m not sure what’s optimal for stairs, but I think I’m exceeding the target. And more good news: I’ve started my couch-to-5K training. And more bad news: but I’ve been doing it in the house because of the weather. (See previous post.) I hope to move it outside when/if spring actually arrives. I’m not sure where to do it, though….I’m not sure my very hilly neighborhood is for beginners.

I think part of the problem is simply habit building. According to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, part of the key to a successful change in habits is doing it every day. The couch-to-5K program is an every other day program, which means I slack in between…or skip a day so that it’s every third day. So I need to find a way to make sure something happens EVERY day, to ensure that the thing that’s supposed to happen every other day actually does.

I’m open to suggestions for how to manage this. In the meantime, I have 2 ideas: Move the work outs to the morning instead of the evening, so that it’s out of the way first thing. And I replaced the lost Wii remote, so I can do Just Dance for 1 or 2 songs on the non-couch-to-5k mornings. Your thoughts?

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6 Responses to Fit Implemenation: Check

  1. sarahsorlien says:

    Just Dance sounds great. Make sure to keep the FitBit on. It will count those steps too. Another thought is taking a walk to push up your steps on the off days.

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    When the weather is cooperative, taking a walk is a great idea. In the snow and the rain and the cold, though….I am less inclined. I think moving it to the morning will also help, because then it won’t matter if I have something scheduled in the evening, or if I’m tired, or whatever. It will already be done.

  3. I saw somewhere that the best time to exercise in in the morning. Do it before your brain figures out what you’re doing! LOL.

    I know many people that have the FitBit, it works for them to keep pushing yourself to take extra steps each day.

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      Thanks, Britt. It sounds like it might work….although with my brain, I could probably wait until nearly noon before it noticed!

  4. ornamento says:

    You need to find out what works for you. I have heard that it takes 2 or 3 weeks to create a new habit. I am not a morning person but I have found exercising in the morning to be the easiest because I can do it while I’m asleep (kidding!)- no matter what the rest of the day is like, I always feel like I did something. Also, you might like exercising M-F and taking off the weekend, or doing something else on the weekend like a bike ride or a hike or juggling small furry objects. Or Plumpton’s favorite-hair hockey.

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      Thanks, Martha. I’m currently fighting the plague, so not working out at all, but hope to resume soon….I’ll give mornings a shot, but I’ll probably pass on the hair hockey. 🙂

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