Modern American Dining

As you may have read here before, I like to try at least 6 new restaurants a year. I’ve tried a few already this year, but none have “wow”-ed me….until this past weekend. It’s been a while since we’ve done a fine dining experience, so we decided to give Sbraga a whirl. It’s a four course prix fixe menu, with optional wine pairing. (Read about the wine pairings here.) The three of us each tried something different for each course, and so we really got a nice overview of the menu.

First course: I had the foie gras soup with rose petal relish, which was amazing….somehow managing to be both light and rich. My companions had the pork belly (also very good) and the gravlox (which I’m allergic to and did not try, but they said it was good.)

Second course: This is a fish course, and, as a non-seafood eater, didn’t have very many choices for me. (Exactly 2.) I had the charred eggplant, served with kim chee unlike any I’ve ever had, lentils, and apple. My companions had the black truffle risotto (fantastic) and the sea bream (which I also did not try).

Third course: I had the pappardelle with rabbit and jalapeno (oh so yummy!) My companions had the beef brisket with Jamaican beef patty and the roast pork with provolone bread pudding. All of this dishes in this course were delish.

Fourth course: Because three just isn’t enough if one of them’s not dessert. I had the deconstructed lemon meringue tart. My companions had the praline napoleon and the roasted red pepper-pineapple sorbet. Again, all tasty tasty tasty….even the red pepper stuff. And we added a cheese plate for the table, because why wouldn’t you? which had Humboldt Fog (yay!) and a lovely aged provolone on it.

I’m not going to lie….it was an expensive meal. But as one of my dining companions pointed out, we paid twice as much 20 years ago for a meal at le Bec Fin. It’s nice to have these kinds of experiences now and again, with excellent food, great service, and wonderful company. It’s all three together that make it fine dining.

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