Art and Arrangement

I mentioned previously that I received some art pieces as birthday gifts. Here they are:


A mixed media Buddha for my studio. The Buddha part is actually a photo of a polymer clay piece that I made, printed out on tissue paper and applied to a painted canvas. Color-wise, this is a good fit for my studio. Thematically, too.


And this painting on beauty, for my dressing room. Again, talk about a perfect thematic fit! (And in reference to the previous post, I used to have this conversation with the BFF objecting to the “she’s the pretty one; I’m the smart one” concept, because to me, it seems to imply that the pretty one is not smart and the smart one is not pretty. Neither of those things are true, and that’s not the myth I want to build. This will serve as a daily reminder of that. Plus, I kind of want that dress.)

It’s funny that I was given art for these two rooms….they are both very much in transition. I’m rearranging the furniture in both and repurposing some furniture between them. It’s a big job that involves pulling everything out of both rooms, moving everything around, and then putting it all back in (what is hopefully) a more functional fashion.

But regardless of how that project turns out, I’d like to publicly thank my oh-so-creative friends for being so thoughtful and for sharing the friuts of their talents with me.

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