“Fit” Implementation: Phase 1

It’s always easy to pick the low-hanging fruit first, right? So here’s where we start:

1. I have stopped taking the elevator. At work, at the parking garage, at anyplace that’s less than five stories. (I think 5’s the right number.) Exceptions: When I’m really overloaded (like with art gear) or I’m in a place where the stairwell might be unsafe.

2. I have washed all the pants that I’ve purchased recently, so that I can take them to the tailor to be hemmed. Remind me to request the “original” hem for the jeans.

These are the first steps on the road to fit. Next up…get the fitbit charged, so I can start tracking my steps again (Where did I put that charger?), and fitting “bead night” back in to my schedule. (First one of the year scheduled for this Thursday @ Ikea Conshohocken, in case you’re interested in joining us!)

More “fit” news coming soon…..

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