Christmas Recap

We had a lovely holiday here at the Sparkle Lounge. We got to see lots of people that we love, ate some really great food, and yes, even exchanged gifties.

I’ve still been trying to minimize the amount of “stuff” that I accumulate. So, to that end, in the category of gifts given, there were lots of consumables (macarons from Laduree, chocolates from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Stoli salted karamel vodka) or events (tickets to ShaNaNa for the parents, intro to rock climbing lessons for the boyfriend). Same for the category of gifts received: some consumables (like the cocktail gift bag, including a bottle of Sage from Art in the Age, and bottles of Kah tequila) and events (a planned trip to the aquarium and dinner from the boyfriend), but also some necessities (new phones from the BFF, gorgeous crystal double old-fashioned glasses from my parents). And even a little bit of bling, in the form of CZ studded hoops (also from the BFF) and a gold leaf candle set (from my godparents).

So, once again, Santa was very good to me. I hope the same is true for you.

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