20 Things: NYC

Just got to spend a lovely & festive holiday weekend in NYC….here’s some of what happened:

1. Drank “beyond comprehension”
2. Cheated Death (not really….we paid our tab)
3. Ate bacon-maple butter cream macarons
4. They say the neon lights are bright….
5. Rejected six sigma wine
6. The new black: fennel stem sweet pickles
7. Negotiated a good deal on a pedicab
8. Bought skull beads
9. Ate dirt candy
10. Walked 10 miles in 1 day (literally)
11. Momofuku to you, too.
12. Decided that Macy’s Christmas windows are creepy
13. Waited in line at Laduree
14. Brunched at Mesa Grill
15. Enjoyed the ricotta/honey/fig/black pepper tartine @ le Pain Quotidien
16. Shopped the Christmas market at Union Square
17. Admired the dancing boys
18. Ate a chocolate-rosemary marshmallow
19. Tried crack
20. Saw thousands of Santas

Pics to follow….

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5 Responses to 20 Things: NYC

  1. Sue says:

    What???!!!!! You think Macy’s Christmas windows were creepy?! They must be bad!

    And I love the new black! Sarah and I will have to try making them!

  2. Sue says:

    You tried crack?! No wonder you saw thousands of Santas!

  3. sarahsorlien says:

    Clarification: Crack Pie from Momofuku. Great trip!

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