Well, it’s that time of year….the time that they call “Thanksgiving” but is really all about turkey and football.  I don’t care much for either turkey or football, but I have plenty of other things to be grateful for in my life.  Here are just a few:

  • My peeps.  You’ve read it here time and again already.  I am so fortunate to have many wonderful people in my life.  Sometimes, they vex me.  Sometimes, they crack me up.  Sometimes, they even bring me cocktails.  But always, I feel loved and supported.
  • Pumpkin (and squash).  From pumpkin pancakes to pumpkin pie to butternut squash ravioli…..I don’t know why this is supposed to be “seasonal”-I could eat this stuff all year long.  Seriously.
  • My microscopes.  Because otherwise, what would I do with my days?
  • Music.   I’m still rockin’ the 6GB ipod mini that I bought in 2004.  It holds about 1500 songs, and it’s always full.

I’m sure there’s more.  I know I should talk about my health (which is good), my home (which continues to be more awesome all the time), and my freedom (me & Braveheart, baby, we’re like peas in a pod).  And I am truly grateful for all of those things.  But it’s early, and I’m just sitting in my groovy silver dining room enjoying my first cup of tea (which I totally should have put on this list!), and thinking how much I adore my family and friends.  And pumpkin.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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