We Do Dorney

I used to love roller coasters.  But, when we decided to go to Dorney Park, I was a little apprehensive….I haven’t been on one in several years.  Would I still like them?

I needn’t have worried.  It was a beautiful fall day, but the park wasn’t crowded at all.  We rode the Stinger, Steel Force, and the Hydra.  Some spinny, some with feet hanging (my companion was worried about losing his shoes), some backward, but all fast and fantastic.  In every picture (I think all rides have those cameras now), I have a big, ridiculous grin on my face.

The park is all set up for Halloween stuff (and will be open for two more weekends).  If you live in the Philadelphia area, you may have seen the incessant adverts on the TV.  Unlike in the ads, we did not turn into zombies, nor did we see anyone who had.  So that’s one more thing to not worry about–roller coasters are unlikely to be the nucleators of the zombie apocalypse.

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2 Responses to We Do Dorney

  1. Sue says:

    I grew up at Dorney. My aunt worked there and lived on the property. When I was around ten years old, I remember walking into my aunt’s kitchen with my mother and her sisters at the kitchen table. I had spent the entire day at the park. I came in and loudly announced,” I went on the roller coaster nine times!” My aunts burst into laughter. Then my mom said,”You didn’t hear me tell you not to go on the roller coaster, did you?” I guess not.

    I went on that roller coaster a few years ago. Those wooden one are not smooth! I’m opting for the metal ones at my age! But boy do I love them!

    • artsy.sciencey says:

      I grew up at Great Adventure. We had season passes every summer, and my mom would just drop us off for the day, so I’ve been riding roller coasters regularly since I met the height requirement.
      Dorney still has a wooden roller coaster (Thunder Hawk, I think it’s called), but we opted not to ride it for exactly that reason. Last time I rode a wooden coaster, I had a monster headache afterwards because of how rough and jerky it was. But the ones where your feet hang free? Those are awesome!

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