20th & Sansom

The corner of 20th & Sansom is hoppin’ lately!  Not too long ago, the NY burger chain Shake Shack arrived in Philadelphia.  Shake Shack serves roadside-style burgers (their description, not mine) and, in case you could not guess from the name, shakes.  The center photo above is the Shackburger and a black and white shake.  (It’s been years since I’ve had a b&w!)  It was all very tasty, the fries were large enough for three of us to share, and the staff was incredibly friendly.  Plus, they serve beer & wine.

Capogiro, makers of fine gelato and sorbetto, have been at this corner for a while.  The first time I went there, we had to try the cucumber gelato, which pairs very well with strawberry.  This time, they had fig (!).  Unfortunately, they didn’t have walnut (which pairs just about perfectly with fig), so I got hazelnut instead.  And, in case you did not know, National Geographic has dubbed Capogiro the best place to get ice cream in the world….and I kind of have to agree.  (Although, in all fairness, I haven’t eaten at all of the ice cream places in the world.  In fact, I’ve only eaten at two on NatGeo’s top ten list.)

So, if you’re in the city, and looking for some good fast-ish but not fast food, this corner might be a good place to try.  And trust me when I say that the gelato is always worth the trip.

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