Longwood Gardens

I haven’t been to Longwood Gardens in, like, forever.  I think I last went there on a date in 1986.  But we thought that the Bruce Munro light installation looked interesting, so we bought our timed tickets and went.  It starts before you even get in:

Once inside the gardens, Mother Nature wanted to contribute to the light show, too:

The Field of Light reflects beautifully off of the small lake:

And, if you slip the fence, you can see how it’s done:

The centerpiece of the whole thing is the Water Towers out in the meadow:

And you can fiddle with the fiber optics to create your own row:

We wrapped it up back at the Conservatory:

It was a very nice exhibit, and I think it would have been very peaceful and inspiring of contemplation except for two things (which really boil down to one thing):  too many people made it feel a little claustrophobic & cattle shute-ish at times and too many people with LED flashlights really did have a negative impact on an exhibit best viewed without additional lighting.   Because it is kind of magical to walk through the gardens and come across these interesting and appropriately-integrated light installations…..

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