20 Things–Jamestown

Hope, Pelle, and Jack

I wasn’t going to post a 20 things for Jamestown, because I go every year.  But it’s never quite exactly the same trip, so here’s some of what we did this year:

  1. Saw the blue moon rise over Narragansett Bay
  2. Bought all the sunflowers
  3. Played with the dogs
  4. Went to an estate sale
  5. Concocted the “Jamestown Blue Moon” (recipe here)
  6. Saw the big Fresnel lens
  7. Made a fantastic necklace
  8. Molded leaves and rocks
  9. Experimented with resin
  10. Ate a wonderful tomatillo/onion/cheese/meat scramble (twice!)
  11. Hung out with the cousins
  12. Devised a fantastic coconut vodka cocktail
  13. Went to the (rebuilt) first lighthouse in RI
  14. Learned about the effects of a “jolly good rubbing”
  15. Had a Slice of Heaven
  16. Embraced orange
  17. Played in the tide pools
  18. Tried pumpkin maple butter (yum!)
  19. Sampled the seasonal local firewater (Loyal 9 mint cucumber vodka)
  20. Enjoyed quality time with friends.
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2 Responses to 20 Things–Jamestown

  1. Sarah says:

    And…. It’s not an adventure…..

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