Butter Makes It Better

Yesterday, my friend and I spent the day in the kitchen at the Rittenhouse Tavern, taking a cooking class with Alex Talbot of Ideas in Food.  The class covered a broad range of topics, but here are some of what I thought were the take home messages:

  1. If some butter is good, more is better.
  2. If you’re not sure, deep fry it.
  3. The metric system is easier.
  4. The ideal proportion of salt for almost everything is 0.5%.
  5. I can totally rock an extruder.
  6. If you screw up your marshmallows, make ice cream with them.
  7. Carrot butter is delicious, which leads back to the first point….
  8. Butter makes everything better.

I’d like to thank Alex and Nick Elmi (executive chef at the Tavern), the other Tavern chefs, and the other students in the class, for an interesting and educational day!

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