We Have Floor.

And walls.  And electricity.

Old houses are interesting.  The upside is that they have a lot of character.  The downside is that they have a lot of “character.”  The contractor initially thought that this would be a four day job.  I knew he was delusional.  I estimated that the demolition alone would take three days.  (Take a wild guess how many days it took.)

Behind the faded blue tile walls was 3″ of mud.  When the cabinets came down, we learned that they had been attached to furring strips that had formerly been attached directly to the cinder block.  I’m not sure how they were still on the wall.  (My guess:  94 years of lead paint.)  Now I have an actual insulated interior wall. 

Electricity is particularly interesting in old houses, in that there isn’t much.  Oh, did I mention that I’m getting a dishwasher, and that it needs a dedicated line?  And that I thought it might be nice if I could add a garbage disposal?  I do now have an outlet in the dining room….which is one more than I had before.

So it is going slowly, but it is going.  Now that the floor is in, I’m hoping that the rest goes quickly.  Realistically, though, I’m sure we’ll find a little more “character” before the job is done.

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