So this is what normal people do, right?  Knock out the kitchen and then invite 50 people over for a barbecue?  In other words, in spite of the ongoing kitchen renovation, the show must go on!

As always, the July 3rd backyard barbecue fete/fireworks was a lovely party.  It was a beautiful summer night: hot, but not too, with just a bit of a breeze.  My guests brought an amazing array of foodstuffs to share….everything from blueberry salsa to veggie sliders to cucumber soup to quinoa salad to cake pop truffles.  A number of people took a turn at the grill.  When the time came, some folks walked over to watch the fireworks up close (the breeze was going the other way this year, so we weren’t in the ash zone for once) and others stayed to watch them from the house.  By the time I walked back, forces had been marshalled to get the food all packed away, the trash bagged up, and the patio furniture buttoned back into the garage. 

I want to thank everybody for making this party such a fun event every year!  If you all didn’t chip in to make this a collaborative event, it wouldn’t work nearly as well.  You guys are awesome!  Hope to see you next year!

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