Another Acquisition

I first saw Penelope Rakov’s work at the ArtStar Craft Bazaar a couple of years ago.  I’ve stalked her Etsy shop ever since, looking for exactly the right piece to buy.  A few weeks ago, at Art for the Cash Poor, I found this:

and felt like it needed to come home with me.  (Actually, it looked up at me with those puppy dog murrini, and I was unable to resist!)

My friend was all happy because she thinks I bought something that looks like a flower.  I think it looks more like hurtling through space (if space were green)…but to each her own, right?

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2 Responses to Another Acquisition

  1. Susie-Q says:

    I would like to inherit this piece please. You can adopt me so someone who appreciates green will value your pieces long after you pass on. I love you and green. Just FYI….

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Love you, too, Susie-Q. I will change my will posthaste….right now, you are only scheduled to inherit my snarky sense of humor.

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