Dimmer Switch

A few years ago, I purchased this repro Poul Christiansen lamp for the dining room.  When we went to take down the old light fixture, we realized that it was hardwired into the house.  (This is part of the “joy” of older houses–you never know what you are going to find.  Horsehair plaster?  Check.  Razor blades in the bathroom wall?  Check.  Hardwired chandelier?  Check.)  So we just put it back up, while we figured out how to install the right electrical and structural support.  Finally, my father came up with a mechanism (it helped that the lamp weighs only about a pound) and the lamp was hung.

A few weeks ago, I was having dinner with a friend in the dining room.  It was that time of day when it was just a little too dark without the light on, but a little too bright with it on.  He decided that I needed a dimmer switch, and took it on himself to install one the next time he came over.  And, man oh man, was he right!  If ever a light needed a dimmer switch, this would be the one.  When dimly lit, it looks like the moon.  And the dining room is painted metallic silver, so the whole room gets this soft glow that is just beautiful.  Nice, huh?

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