I Cleaned Up….

at the PAPCG Showcase Fundraiser yesterday!

From the top:

  • Bowl by Emily Squires Levine
  • Silkscreened brooch by Ellen Marshall, Mokume Gane brooch by Arlene Finocchiaro
  • Urchin necklace by Joyce Miskowitz
  • Colored Quadrant necklace by Ellen Marshall

Plus some clay and some assorted beads.  For the first time in recent memory, I did not win the lovely donation from Louise Fischer Cozzi.  I was trying not to be too too greedy!  Still, not a bad haul, wouldn’t you say?

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2 Responses to I Cleaned Up….

  1. Sue says:

    And…they match your dress!

  2. ornamento says:

    Reblogged this on Philadelphia Area Polymer Clay Guild Reporter and commented:
    Terri’s take on the fundraiser

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