Road Trip!

Philadelphia->Chicago->Omaha (yes, Omaha)->Cheyenne->Salt Lake City->Boise->Portland->White Rock, BC.->Vancouver->Seattle->Las Vegas->Philadelphia.  Planes, trains, and automobiles. 10 US (& 1 Canadian) states. 

2000+ miles of driving.  1 hotel by the train tracks, 1 right by the airport runway.  All the free wifi McDonald’s has to offer.  We didn’t do much sightseeing, but still managed to find 20 things….

  • 1.      Foraged for Thai food in the Rockies (twice)
  • 2.      Realized that Lewis & Clark just took I-84W
  • 3.      “You may call me….Jemimah”
  • 4.      Climbed Multnomah Falls
  • 5.      Went “Salmon Fishing in Yemen”
  • 6.      Hung out at Vista Point #166
  • 7.      Boom badoom boom boom badoom boom bass
  • 8.      Got caught in a snow storm
  • 9.      Learned to use the cruise control
  • 10.   Tried the local firewater (High West)
  • 11.   Admired the wind turbines
  • 12.   Did tai chi at the rest stops
  • 13.   Ate delicious homemade curry
  • 14.   Thought the gorge was gorgeous
  • 15.   Lunched at TracyCakes
  • 16.   Passed through the Peace Arch
  • 17.   Howled at the super moon
  • 18.   Drank cabernet sauvignon…and liked it
  • 19.   Saw “The Avengers”
  • 20.   Lost my best bean to our enemy to north.
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2 Responses to Road Trip!

  1. ornamento says:

    I’m glad you came back instead of driving a car off a cliff like they did in that movie. . .

  2. artsy.sciencey says:

    Well, we were driving a really nice car.

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