Easter, No Parade

…because I’m not a fan of parades. But anyway….overall, I had a nice holiday weekend, and got to spend time with a variety of people that I really like.  We had Friday off from work.  My friend came over, and we took an online class at CraftArtEdu.com, with the always lovely Judy Belcher.  Then we went out to lunch & shopping for Easter outfits for the babies in her life.  Friday evening, I went out for a nice meal and a little walk in Valley Forge Park.  On Saturday, I had a friend over for dinner.  We had ham (super yummy from Trader Joe’s), string beans, balsamic onions, and roasted cherry tomatoes. And we tried to duplicate the Lucky Cat martini from P.F. Chang’s….and finished the meal with chocolates from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge in Asheville and Jack Daniel’s Honey. Sunday, I spent a pleasant day with my parents.  But here’s where the sad part comes in (please feel free to insert sad violin music here)….for the first time in my life, the Easter Bunny did not come.  I didn’t even get a colored, hard-boiled egg with my name on it.  I’m not sad about not getting candy.  And I surely don’t need any stuff to replace the candy.  But I really do miss that egg.

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